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My Adventures

The spirit of an adventure is the joyful determination to go out and rediscover life for ourself, finding peak experiences in situations and environments as they substantially alter our perspective long enough to see things we have never seen before.

Enjoying arctic lupine in Tuktut Nogait (JUN2006)


Wunderbare Wasserstraßen und Weine, SEP 2014
Africa - Altitude and Attitudes 6OCT - 28 OCT 2013
Cycling Idyllic yet Intriguing Iceland 18JUL-3AUG2010

Pinot, Peaks & Penguins in New Zealand DEC2007-JAN2008

Summer solstice in the Canadian Arctic JUN2006


Springtime in the Alps 23MAY-6JUN2009

A peak, Patagonia & Pinguinos, Argentina & Chile JAN-FEB2009